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Google’s dominance of the web also extends to owning a domain registry. The company runs multiple top-level domains (TLDs), such as .day and .new, and now there’s another website that ends for the taking: .rsvp.

Google announced the new domain name format earlier this year, but starting today, registrations are open to the public. A few companies have already spent a lot of money to be among the first with the new TLD, like for private walking tours in San Francisco, and for event planning platform Partiful.

Before you jump at the chance to register a domain for your next party or startup, keep in mind that pricing is still in the “Early Access Program”. The current subscription price is set at $11,500, plus $12 per year thereafter. This initial cost will drop each day, dropping to $3,500, then $1,150, and so on until it disappears completely on November 15. After this point, purchasing a .rsvp domain through most domain sites will only cost $12 per year – about as much as a typical .com or .net website.

You can purchase an .rsvp domain from several domain registries, including Google Domains, Hover, GoDaddy, Gandi, and other providers.

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