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LOS ANGELES — Content producers and distributors have more ways than ever to reach audiences with programming. Data on these consumers is valuable for advertisers when developing their media plans, especially as audiences split between more connected television (CTV) choices.

“The fragmentation that’s being created within CTV starts with the consumer, because they want to consume content on their terms,” ​​Dan Aversano, senior vice president of data and advanced advertising at Univision, said in this interview with Beet. .TV’s Beet Retreat. “All of this puts pressure on content creators to ensure that we distribute our content, our programming and our applications on all these [outlets].”

Improved ROI, ROAS

Amid this fragmentation, many mass marketers are looking for the efficiencies that come with reaching large audiences. They face challenges getting technology, data, and permissions to work together across different platforms.

“The problem we have here, though, is that all of these endpoints — even in CTV, which we talk about as one thing — are not one thing,” Aversano said. “We talk a lot about data in terms of audience, targeting, optimization and attribution. We don’t talk much about the role that data can play in context and even in content. »

He said there needs to be more discussion about how metadata from media owners and advertisers can be leveraged to improve return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

“We haven’t spent enough time figuring out how to do this… Everything needs to be streamlined in this business right now,” Aversano said. “You have to simplify. Ultimately, it’s the only way to bring scale to CTV and OTT [over the top] that marketers are really looking for.

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