TRC gives a blow to illegal websites that resort to identity theft


Yesterday, the Post and Telecommunications Ministry dealt a blow to the scourge of “fake news” in Cambodia, when it acted swiftly and effectively to suppress a falsifying website. Khmer time in order to spread false news and lead Cambodians to a betting site.

Khmer time had noticed that a fake website – using a fake version of its domain name – had appeared online in recent days.

The copied website Khmer time graphics and style – even to “spoof” valuable advertisers.

The purpose of the website was to direct unsuspecting viewers to an online betting site and spread fake news and misinformation regarding Covid-19 in Cambodia by posting fabricated, outdated and inaccurate information.

Khmer time contacted the Chairman of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the Cambodian Telecommunications Regulator (TRC), Chenda Thong, who reacted quickly and very effectively to block access to the bogus website within hours.

Thong said, “We will take immediate action and eliminate this site from our country. In addition, any illegal sites that mirror existing legitimate sites for sinister and illegal purposes will also be promptly blocked as soon as we are alerted. We will ensure that these sites no longer exist in Cambodia ”.

“In addition, businesses should migrate to websites that end in ‘’ as ​​they are under our control and we can quickly eliminate illegal sites as well as those that spoof genuine and legitimate sites,” said he stressed.

“We are extremely grateful to the ministry and the TRC for their swift response, which confirms the determination and hard work of the TRC to eliminate fake news and information,” Khmer time said Chief Executive Officer Raquel Bacay.

She added that Khmer time had been targeted on numerous occasions by various sites, including foreign sites which, when accessed, led to online betting sites, and that the information they contained was often seditious, false and dangerous.

TRC’s work is even more vital in the context of the global pandemic, where fake news has become as dangerous as the virus itself.


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