Top Halloween Scam Websites: Red Flags and Tips for Staying Safe 2022


There are only a few days left until Halloween – have you prepared the decorations and your spooky Halloween costumes? You still have a little time to do those last-minute purchases, but keep an eye out for online Halloween scams!

Best Halloween Scam Websites

We have already detected 509,507 scam websites offering Halloween shopping sales this month. Early on, scammers started spreading links to fraudulent online stores via text messages promoting various special Halloween sales campaigns:

  • PDIC Books: Ready for a Scary Bargain? Our Halloween sale has come to life. With our best-selling books over 50% off! View all :
  • 🎃 Dowdle Halloween Sale Get ready for the spooky night. Choose from 13 Halloween puzzles, only $13 each! Use code: Halloween13 Offer ends Sunday, October 2!
  • We Love Doggos: Save A Dog Sunday is ending soon! Only a few hours left to pick up a FREE Halloween Doggo Yard flag and help save the doggos!
  • [Sports Apparel] Put on your favorite Halloween gear for a workout. Get 77% off now.

These links will lead you to fraudulent online stores. To be clear, don’t buy on these (FAKE) sites, as there will be issues and disputes; you will probably never receive the goods or the packages will not meet your expectation. Worst case scenario, your credit card credentials will end up in the hands of scammers. Here are some examples.

#1 – coat rack[.]com

#2 – nestor liquor[.]com

Halloween scams_nestorliquor[.]com_20221026

#3 – annishuan[.]com

Halloween Scams_annishuan[.]com_20221026

#4 – hugoiio[.]com

Halloween Scams_hugoiio[.]com_20221026

#5 – cathytok[.]com

Halloween Scams_cathytok[.]com_20221026

#6- Hardy[.]com

Halloween Scams_ hardaddy[.]com_20221026

#7 – Reverse United States[.]store

Halloween Scams_usainverse[.]shop_20221026

#8 – west[.]com

Halloween_wersth Scams[.]com_20221026

#9 – Desire for satisfaction[.]com

Halloween scams_desiresatisfaction[.]com_20221026

#10 – Broswear[.]com

Halloween_broswear scams[.]com_20221026

#11 – Aerial[.]com

Halloween Scams_airysumer[.]com_20221026

#12 – lucky dog[.]com

Halloween Scams_luckyydog[.]com_20221026

#13 – maverick bear[.]com

Halloween Scams_maverickbear[.]com_20221026

#14 – etcydecor[.]com

Halloween Scams_etcydecor[.]com_20221026

#15 – quietly[.]com

Halloween Scams_leisuretlly[.]com_20221026

#16 – sasachiques[.]com

Halloween Scams_sasachics[.]com_20221026

#17 – Lrahina[.]com

Halloween Scams_lrahina[.]com_20221026

#18 – grumpy[.]com

Halloween scams_grintoss[.]com_20221026

6 Ways to Spot Scam Halloween Websites

Below are several checkpoints you can pay attention to to see if an online store is safe:

1. Web Domain Details

Before clicking on a link, always CHECK if that’s for sure. How? You can search suspicious URLs on Whois for website details, for example:
(1) Does the country of the website domain match its base?
(2) How long has the website been registered?
(3) Are the contact details of the holder hidden?

Halloween scams_A fraudulent online store registered in China_20221026
A fraudulent online store registered in China

Too boring to check so many details? Use Trend Micro Check to easily fight scams! (It’s 100% FREE)

Trend Micro Check is a browser extension and mobile app for detecting scams, phishing attacks, malware, and dangerous links – and it’s FREE!

After pinning the Trend Micro Check extension, it will automatically block dangerous sites! (Available on Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).


You can also download the Trend Micro Check mobile app to automatically detect and filter scams and spam 24/7. (Available for Android and iOS).


Visit this page for more information about Trend Micro Check.

2. Price

Is the offer too good to be true?

Halloween scams_Is the offer too good to be true_20221026

2. Method of payment

Does the website take wire transfer, cryptocurrency, prepaid and gift cards, or cash on delivery (COD) ONLY? If so, it is most likely a scam. For example, many fraudulent online stores only accept PayPal as a payment method:

Halloween Scams_PayPal Only 3. Payment Method_20221026
  • Point: Choose safer online payment options! Standard payment processing networks such as Visa and Mastercard offer more secure transactions – these networks use careful inspection on websites.

To note: There are still exceptions – these common payment methods do not mean that the site is 100% secure. How?

In some cases, the merchant will “refund” the money to buyers, citing technical difficulties with the initial payment. After the initial refund, the scammer (“merchant”) will ask the buyer to use payment methods OTHER THAN the one listed on the website – like bank transfers or apps like “Venmo” or “Zelle”. This example shows how once a customer sent money, the scammer disappeared. You must beware!

3. Layout and typos

Content should be 100% accurate on reputable and well-designed websites! Are there a lot of typos and unnatural wording? If there is, you should reconsider if you want to spend money on the site.

4. Contact details

Does the website provide complete and valid contact details? You can check if the contact information matches the domain of the URL, or you can Google the address to see if the business really exists.

Stay away from scam Halloween websites

  • NEVER click on links or attachments from unknown sources. Use Trend Micro Check to easily fight scams!
  • Buy only from legitimate online stores. Do your homework and read reviews on the online store you are considering shopping from.
  • Add an extra layer of protection to your device with Trend Micro Maximum Security! It includes web threat protection, ransomware protection, anti-phishing, and spam protection to help you fight scams and cyberattacks. Click the button below to try it out:

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