The 10 Best Squarespace Templates for Creating Beautiful Websites


Squarespace is one of the best-known website builders for building an online presence quickly and easily. Competing website builders may outperform it in some key areas, but Squarespace is an attractive choice due to its simplicity and beautiful designs.

An engaging Squarespace site starts with the right template. Templates define the overall visual look of your site; the atmosphere, if you will. When you start building a site, Squarespace suggests category-specific templates, such as Music, Food, Marketing, or Games. Different templates may also be better suited for certain types of content, such as blogs or podcasts. Templates even determine the types of pages and features you can add to your site, from scrollable interfaces to full-page photo galleries.

Creating an engaging Squarespace site isn’t just about choosing the right template. You have great flexibility to adapt a template to your site’s needs when you upload your source material. You can also preview the models before committing. However, like most website builders, Squarespace doesn’t allow you to switch templates once you’ve committed to it. You will need to create a whole new site. So choose wisely.

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Squarespace offers over 100 templates. Here are some of our favorites, from mobile-centric designs to entire model families. Note that these templates are all free with your paid Squarespace subscription. If you want an even more elaborate custom site, you can also opt to purchase a premium template.

Squarespace gives you the tools to build a website, which is a pretty cheesy business. Luckily, the Arcade theme is perfect for another nerdy hobby: video games. Whether it’s creating a blog for your game reviews, setting up a broadcast schedule with links to your Twitch profile, or selling esports merchandise, Arcade is the design for gamers.

Aviator is a family of models, which means that several related models fall under its domain. Members of template families tend to share similar strengths, and Aviator’s best strength is bold, simple pages that convey your messages clearly and large images without clutter. It is great for grabbing viewers attention on mobile screens.

If you own a business, it needs a well-designed site. The Brine template family sets you up for success with a variety of flexible e-commerce options for your custom online store. Let your products shine, build your brand and stack up the cash. Its RSVP functionality (under the Royce model) also makes it a terrific theme for event planning and promotion.

The Farro family of templates is a more casual, yet no less effective e-commerce template alternative. Its simpler design focuses more on blogging, but you can choose to sell products as well. Maybe you’re a particularly selective influencer or see your website as a side hustle. Either way, consider Farro.

If best-in-class blogs are an absolute necessity, the old favorite Five delivers. With enough modifications, it can meet all your content demands, from text messages to slideshows to social media promotion. The template has plenty of navigation options that make it easy for readers to find your content. It even has e-commerce options, in case you want to make some money. Five is a great template for anyone starting to build their site.

The Galapagos template organizes as many products as possible into well-organized pages that always display vital information. Its elegant e-commerce layouts look amazing on mobile, where many people make their buying decisions. Attractive, powerful, but not overwhelming, this could be the most balanced business-oriented model.

A photography model just needs to be put aside so that the real star of the show, your beautiful photos, can get the attention they deserve. Luckily, the Ishimoto template does just that, with great full-page images and slideshows. Tasteful links let users know where to learn more about your portfolio once they’ve lifted their jaws.

Even if you’re spreading news online, your blog can still have a magazine-quality presentation with the Skye model family. Skye’s layouts handle everything from blog posts to long features to tough news. Store Pages give loyal readers the chance to offer their support, while Event Pages promote your publication’s next news board or big party.

Most businesses need a website, but restaurants really need a. After all, we eat eyes before mouth. The food industry is tough and competitive, but the Tremont family of templates shows your kitchen at its best, with its professional, image-driven gallery style alongside menu indexes and store pages.

If you have the chance to turn your creative passion into a thriving business, the York template might be for you. The design pairs best with any type of visual content portfolio, from photos to illustrations to sample ad campaigns. Its wonderful flexibility works for any project, on any screen size.

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