Social security offices: how can I find one near me?


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With Social Security offices due to reopen on March 30, it’s a good idea to find your local office in case you need help.

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Social Security’s in-person appointments have been largely restricted for the past year and a half. To get one, you had to call your local office, speak to a Social Security employee who often telecommutes, and be given an appointment if you qualify. However, appointments have been reserved for those most in need – in case of problems with new claims for benefits, for example.

The Social Security Administration and unions representing agency workers agreed last month to reopen more than 1,200 offices in the event of a pandemic. The negotiation is expected to end on March 1, which would then give the agency 30 days to plan its comeback, The New York Times reported.

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Once Social Security offices reopen, they will allow walk-in service again. To find your local social security office, you can click on here to access the office search page. Once on the main page, simply enter your postal code. This will give you the address and telephone number of your nearest office, as well as a list of other local agencies that can help you with welfare, housing, meal services and other services Support.

Social Security Field Offices primarily process pension and health insurance claims, although they may also assist with disability insurance claims through Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, both of which are administered by the SSA.

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