SafeGuard Cyber ​​offers contextual response with Microsoft Azure AD and Okta


“In today’s economic climate, organizational leadership must ensure optimal use of resources in security operations and reduce unnecessary costs,” said Chris Lehman, CEO of SafeGuard Cyber. “Many of our enterprise customers have made significant investments in Azure AD or Okta to manage identities in their organizations, and our new features allow them to streamline operations and maximize ROI for their security and overall operations.”

Integrated response through SafeGuard Cyber ​​enables security architects and operations teams to deliver the ideal response to business threats and risks, either in an automated action or directly through the SafeGuard Cyber ​​platform in the incident management or investigation.

“As threats of fraud, impersonation, and social engineering increasingly lead to material breaches and financial loss via ransomware and business compromises, the need for contextual and trusted foundation zero with detection and response capabilities is more urgent than ever,” said Rusty housing, Product Manager at SafeGuard Cyber. “Our integrations with Okta and Azure AD allow organizations moving to a cloud or hybrid workplace to simplify identity-based responses to communication-based threats, while enriching authentication to include context and intent of interactions.”

Contextual and advanced integrated response with Okta and Azure AD is available to all SafeGuard Cyber ​​customers and offers:

  • Automated user onboarding for communication tracking by group
  • Risk-based automatic responses that include user session invalidation
  • Support for all channels protected by SafeGuard Cyber

SafeGuard Cyber ​​detects attacks and identifies risks by understanding how humans interact and communicate. The company’s natural language understanding-based SaaS platform provides the industry’s most advanced visibility and detection of phishing, BEC and malware attacks that span the full range of modern business communication channelsincluding social media, collaboration, mobile messaging, conferencing, CRM and Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

For more information, visit these pages on SafeGuard Cyber ​​API integrations with Azure and Okta.

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SafeGuard Cyber ​​provides the only comprehensive technology solution to address cybersecurity threats and compliance risks in the modern cloud workplace. The company’s patented, award-winning natural language understanding technology analyzes and correlates conversations across 30 communication channels and 52 languages, including collaboration, social, chat, messaging and conferencing platforms, to detect and prevent communication-based threats such as social engineering. By stopping attacks at the social engineering stage, SafeGuard Cyber ​​enables companies to prevent data breaches, ransomware, invoice fraud and many other threats. The company’s cloud-based machine learning also provides compliance solutions for governance and policy enforcement that enable customers to communicate through modern apps and social networks. Learn more about

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