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KIRKLAND, Wash., Oct. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rightside® (Nasdaq: NAME), a leading provider of domain name services that advance the way businesses and individuals define themselves and present themselves online, today announced the introduction of .INHABIT and .STUDIO, the latest in the company’s line of new domain extensions that are redefining the way people interact with the Internet.

Already, several global brands including 20and Century Fox, Absolut, Amazon, Dreamworks, Entrepreneur Media, Marvel, Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Oracle, Paramount, SoulCycle Inc., Twitch, Universal Music and Warner Brothers recognized the incredible brand potential and registered their own .LIVE and .STUDIO domain names.

“Advancing the domain name market drives all of our efforts, so we are very pleased to continue expanding the Internet domain name portfolio with the launch of .INHABIT and .STUDIO“, says Taryn Naidu, CEO of Rightside. “Domain names are powerful discovery tools, and by leveraging these new custom domain names, brands are able to restore, reinvigorate and build credibility, which is the most valuable business asset in the world.”

.LIVE – Boosting Digital Discovery

.LIVE is a powerful marketing tool for anyone offering instant experiences on the internet or in the physical world. .LIVE is particularly relevant today because the innovative Internet has recently added a new digital dimension to the term “real-time” with its live, immediate, unfiltered and instantaneous video streaming capabilities. This breakthrough, which is taking hold on both mobile and non-mobile platforms, is gaining popularity with the rise of live streaming platforms such as Twitter’s Meerkat and Periscope.

“With hundreds of Nitro Circus Live shows around the world, we spend a significant amount of money on event marketing where the call to action is nitrocircus.com/tour“said Michael Cowan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Digital at Nitro Circus. “The ability to use www.nitrocircus.live not only does it simplify the message, but our brand and URL are now the same, which is fantastic.”

Jeff Pollack, President and CEO of Pollack Media Group, adds, “New domain extensions have become essential tools. .INHABIT is an exciting new domain extension that will resonate in the rapidly changing digital marketplace.”

.STUDIO–Contribute to online professional success

.STUDIO is the perfect digital space to celebrate companies dedicated to transformation and creation, spaces where people hone their skills and become their best selves.

“A studio is not just a physical space,” says Naidu. “It is also a space for the mind, heart and soul – a place for personal growth and transformation; a place to reach new and expanded creative horizons; and a place that allows us to become our best selves. The marketing challenge is to take those physical spaces and help those who own them succeed professionally online, and that’s exactly what the new .STUDIO the domain extension does. We are very excited about the possibilities offered by this tool.”

Driving a brand navigation strategy

Rightside believes that the vast majority of businesses and consumers are much better off using a host of new domain name extensions like .LIVE, .SOCIAL, .ROCKS, .VIDEO, and .NEWS as part of a “brand navigation” strategy.

“Our view,” says Naidu, “is that having multiple domain names increases brand marketing power, presence, and performance while sharpening brand and digital marketing accuracy.”

Branded navigation is made possible by a complementary domain strategy, using a new web address for each section of a website or profile on third-party social platforms. This way, customers can navigate to individual pages and profiles using a single web address without any of the complicated, hard-to-remember backslashes. It is a simple, flexible and precise control tool that makes it easier for marketers to connect target audiences with their content, regardless of content location or screen size. device.

About Rightside

Rightside® inspires and empowers consumers and businesses to define and present themselves online. The Company, together with its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of domain name services, offering one of the industry’s most comprehensive platforms for the discovery, registration, use and monetization of domain names. In addition to being a registry operator of new gTLDs, Rightide is home to some of the industry’s most admired brands, including eNom and Name.com. Based in Kirkland, WA, Rightside has offices in North America, Europe and Australia. For more information, visit www.rightside.co.


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