Questionable websites are not ‘Kanchendzonga State University Sikkim’, University Issues Circular


Questionable websites are not ‘Kanchendzonga State University Sikkim’, University Issues Circular

Pakyong, Jan 24: In recent years, with the proliferation of the internet, there has been gross misuse of facilities, cyber frauds have caused the greatest harm to innocent people who are lured into lucrative benefits by getting phished or intentionally hack by dubious people hiding with non-good intentions. The safety and security of e-commerce, transactions, etc. Privacy-related issues have been the biggest challenge for the various organizations that take advantage of this advantage.

Let’s come to the education sector where there is a huge rush to apply for better education by innocent people, a desire to opt for the best quality education by enrolling in the best institution, but here too, the disbelievers did not spare. Duplicate names mimicking the names of certain institutions, making it look like a real batch of parents and students falling prey to it.

In one such case, Kanchendzonga State University of Sikkim was only recently established – Established by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly Act 2021, the same happened where (see picture) a disbeliever created a website/portal to fool innocent people into imitating as if it was State University with TLD .com top level domain, not that much, he also came to learn that there are other such websites with the same name mimicking with TLD .org as well, according to the circular issued by the KSUS office on Monday.

Questionable websites are not ‘Kanchendzonga State University Sikkim’, University Issues Circular

In this regard, the University has approached the issue very strictly by issuing a public circular not to fall prey to such a dubious website, the university has also mentioned its official emails for all correspondence.

Asking the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ashish Sharma of KSUS, he said that we have recorded the incident and taken prompt action against the errant website(s), he also informed that very soon we will be taking concrete action to enable people to get rid with such websites.

It should be noted that all educational websites according to IT services ERNET India, Govt of India are given usage-based TLDS with suffix .edu,,, etc. The process involves verification, authorization and approval, after which the institution is assigned the desired domain names. TVOS IT Cell advises people to be very very careful with TLDs, especially .Com, .Org, .In and even .Net, check/verify their website before starting any task. Also check if this website has its authentic digitally signed certificate, often referred to as HTTPS, as this is the first step to verifying it.

Understand that it’s not just about websites, there are also potentially unwanted dubious mobile apps that do such duplication and online exercises, but Google and Apple Inc. are taking preventative measures to ensure safety, but some disbelievers tactfully use certain mechanisms to circumvent their policies. . At the end of the day, it’s up to people to ensure their own safety before they fall prey.


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