New era for .tr extension websites: TRABIS was launched on September 14, 2022


The administration of domain names with the .tr extension was handled by Nic.TR operating under the Middle East Technical University (“METU”) since 1991 according to the protocol signed by METU between The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“I CAN”).

Although in accordance with the Internet Domain Name Regulations (“Regulation”) published in the Official Journal numbered 27752 and dated November 7, 2010, the administration of domain names with the .tr extension had been left to .tr Network Information Systems (“TRABISBTK”). Since the TRABIS infrastructure was not organized during this period, these services were offered via Nic.TR.

BTK announced that the expected legislative developments were completed and TRABIS finally became operational on September 14, 2022.

Upon becoming operational of TRAVIS, significant changes have been made to the mechanism for registration, transfer, sale and dispute resolution of domain names with the .tr extension entered into force.

Accordingly, the developments cited below which have indicated in various regulations such as Internet Domain Name Regulations, Internet Domain Name Dispute Resolution Mechanism Regulations, Procedures and Principles Regarding the Assignment domain names requiring a document, the decision of the Council on the determination of Internet domain name fee procedures and principles concerning the restricted allocation of domain names also put into practice:

  • The domain name extensions, and, will be registered without requesting documents and on a “first come, first served” basis, unlike the Nic.TR period.
  • After being authorized by BTK, domain registrars will mediate transactions, requests, renewals and cancellations related to domain names. Nic.TR will operate as a domain registrar under the name of
  • The domain name transfer will be activated on the condition that “the domain name can be transferred to the legal heir under certain circumstances such as the death, absence and presumed absence of a real person”. the requirement set out in Article 13 of the Internet Domain Name Regulations is met.
  • Contrary to the operation of Nic.TR, the sale of domain names will be activated during the TRABIS period. However, the sale of the domain name will be possible after three years.
  • BTK is able to cancel the domain name via TRABIS. The situations described in the related regulations must occur.
  • During the Nic.TR period, while disputes were resolved by the dispute resolution mechanism working under the coordination of the DNS working group, now disputes will be resolved by the dispute resolution service provider (“UCHS”), by the arbitrators or arbitral commissions within the UÇHS. Fundamental changes and regularization have been made to the dispute resolution process.

The announcement is available via this link. (only available in Turkish)

Information first published in the MA | Gazette, a bimonthly legal newsletter produced by Moroğlu Arseven


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