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The MACSima imaging platform forms the basis for many research applications, such as drug target discovery, biomarker research, detailed tumor microenvironment analysis, deep phenotyping, and development of approaches for medicine. personalized. Since the MACSima imaging platform enables the processing and analysis of FFPE samples, retrospective studies are easily feasible, helping to develop patient stratification strategies that could ultimately lead to more effective therapies.

Check out some of the papers scientists have published recently with the help of the MACSima imaging platform.

• Guilliams, M. et al. (2022) Spatial proteogenomics reveals distinct and evolutionarily conserved liver macrophage niches. Cell 185: 379–396.

• Kinkhabwala, A. et al. (2022) MACSima Imaging Cyclic Staining Technology (MICS) Reveals Combinatorial Target Pairs for CAR T Cell Treatment of Solid Tumors. Science. Rep. 12:1911

• Pfeifer, R. et al. (2022) A multimodal imaging workflow to monitor CAR T cell therapy against a whole-body solid tumor at the single-cell level. Theranostics 12: 4834–4850.

• Hinterleitner, C. et al. (2021) PD-L1 platelet reflects collective intratumoral PD-L1 expression and predicts immunotherapeutic response in non-small cell lung cancer. Nat. Common. 12:7005.

• Kantari-Mimoun, C. et al. (2021) Entry of CAR T cells into tumor islets is a two-step process dependent on IFNγ and ICAM-1. Cancer Immunol. Res. : 1425–1438.

• Lewis, SM et al. (2021) Spatial omics and multiplexed imaging to explore cancer biology. Nat. Methods 18: 997–1012.

• Schäfer, D. et al. (2021) Identification of CD318, TSPAN8 and CD66c as target candidates for CAR T cell-based immunotherapy of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Nat. Common. 12:1453.

Harmonized Platform Solution
With its automated processes and optimized components, the MACSima imaging platform reduces the effort required for generating complex spatial biology data to the essentials. The advantages of this complete and harmonized solution speak for themselves.

Hundreds of markers on a sample
Don’t miss any information and analyze hundreds of proteins on a single sample in your space biology experiment.

Fully automated instrument
Plan your experiment and leave the execution to the MACSima imaging system.

Large portfolio of validated antibodies
Analyze hundreds of markers on your sample based on a plethora of fluorochrome-conjugated, recombinantly designed antibodies validated specifically for MICS.

Effortless experience preparation
Benefit from ready-to-use REAscreen™ antibody panels containing predefined sets of antibodies from Miltenyi Biotec for effortless, reproducible and comprehensive analysis. Analyze any type of fixed sample with MACSwell™ sample holders and benefit from different antibody formats for complete flexibility.

Sophisticated yet simple analysis software
Analyze your imaging data easily and comprehensively using MACS® iQ View. Its versatility and intuitive user interface make this image analysis software the ideal companion for your space biology experiments.


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