Imaginuity’s new Pylot ™ platform makes it easier to launch multi-brand websites and more effectively support the entire customer journey


DALLAS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Imaginuity® launched Pylot, a scalable cloud-based platform enabling businesses to deploy their digital presence across multiple sites, brands and websites, enabling them to quickly and efficiently establish their online marketing presence. The award-winning Dallas marketing agency has spent decades developing superior digital experiences and evolved Pylot from its highly successful Imaginuity Centers platform.

Designed to drive customer engagement and acquisition, Pylot eliminates the tedious processes associated with basic builds when multiple websites are involved. The platform integrates the expertise of Imaginuity’s software developers, user experience (UX) designers and SEO specialists to not only get multiple sites up and running quickly, but also to ensure that they are optimized in accordance with online best practices, standards and customer requirements. Pylot also helps create compelling designs that can be standardized across a brand’s sites while also being personalized for each location or franchise.

“Many businesses need to quickly build and launch multiple sites with a cohesive branding image,” said Corbett Guest, director of strategy and innovation at Imaginuity. “They can either spend a lot of money and time creating separate sites, or they can go for inexpensive ‘sites in a box’ that don’t offer search optimization, performance, lead tracking, or even the basic security needed to support their marketing initiatives. Instead, the Pylot platform combines multiple sites under one architecture with the right domain strategy to ensure that all sites work together to provide a standardized brand experience.

In general, launching individualized branded sites can take six months and a considerable budget, but with Pylot, Imaginuity can significantly reduce the time and cost involved, freeing up valuable marketing resources for other efforts. Imaginuity’s website management platform, perfected over the past 13 years, has helped existing clients like Jones Lang LaSalle launch up to 24 sites in 14 days when integrating new properties into their business. shopping center management portfolio. Plus, rather than having multiple agencies to do adjacent marketing, Imaginuity’s integrated services manage everything together in one place – digital experience, research, data analytics, media buying – so clients like Jones Lang LaSalle can count on a single partner to help them control touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

By integrating the marketing automation, analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) system APIs, Pylot unifies marketing, paid search and email marketing efforts with real-time information on customer interactions and conversions across each site, dramatically improving efficiency and performance. Additionally, Imaginuity’s 24/7 internal customer support team diligently monitors evolving search algorithms to help Pylot customers maintain search engine marketing visibility.

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Imaginuity is the integrated agency that is reinventing marketing for the connected age. The agency’s proprietary AdScience® customer data platform collects, manages, analyzes and activates data to drive more efficient conversions throughout the customer journey. Based in Dallas, Imaginuity provides integrated marketing services including brand experience, advertising, traditional and digital media buying, paid and organic search, social media, web development, UX, AI, data analytics, and database marketing services. More information is available at


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