IHSE: KVM technology in the context of film and content creation.


When editing hundreds of sounds on Pro Tools, and often across multiple instances of Pro Tools, having efficient switching is a marvel for quality, frictionless editing. On today’s episode of Direct Connection, an IHSE podcast, host Daniel Litwin sits down with Dennis Sands, head of scoring and re-recording mixing at Sound Waves SB, a sound mixing and recording studio. engineering of Santa Barbara, California. Both delve into KVM technology in the context of film and content creation.

With over 40 years of experience, including work on 350 films with top composers like Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman, John Williams and Hans Zimmer, as well as 4 Oscar nominations for his work on Polar Express, Cast Away , Contact, and Forrest Gump, Sands offers endless industry knowledge and workflows.

Sands started in the recording world, working with many well-known artists at a fairly young age. However, things changed for Sands when he met and partnered with an engineer, with whom he later opened a recording studio in Hollywood. It was there that he made the transition to television and film projects.

“Over time, technology has grown tremendously in a positive and empowering way,” Sands explained, “I’ve evolved from what was originally an all-analog world into an all-digital world, and as a result , I switched to working with the digital workstation, especially with pro tools.”

However, working with all of these systems at once became a challenge for Sands, as they were in different alignments and performed different functions in the process of creating a final musical mix. This caused many stoppages in his work, significantly interrupting the workflow.

“I contacted an equipment vendor that I do a lot of business with and he said ‘look, there’s another system that’s vastly superior,'” Sands noted.

It was there that he was introduced to the IHSE Draco system. “It’s such a refreshing way of working that it’s totally reliable and almost invisible in my workflow, which is a great complement to structure and systems engineering and design.”

Tune in to learn more about Dennis Sands’ journey with KVM technology used in film and content creation.


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