How To Use Disposable Accounts To Access Different Websites Tip 2022


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Check how to use disposable accounts to access different websites

Disposable email addresses are generally created for one-time use. Users often use them to create accounts to avoid getting too many marketing emails in their official inboxes. Several disposable email domain providers offer addresses that can only be used for a certain period of time. While disposable or temporary email addresses are useful for privacy, organizations may need to find ways to recognize them.

Say you own a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business that operates on a freemium model. You may want to recognize disposable email addresses and encourage users to register with official addresses. This way you can reduce the chances of freemium abuse and ensure that you can communicate with users via email.

Otherwise, your email marketing efforts could be negatively affected. You can end up with a high bounce rate and low conversion rates. Select a third party. Most elements of a search results page would be lists of disposable third-party email domains, like this one. Please note that databases offered by different providers may vary in price, coverage and timeliness. Alternatively, you can use a “shared” account. It is basically a disposable account that someone else has created and given the password.

Bug Me Not – Find a Disposable Account

Start by finding a website that requires an account to access it. We’ll use The Guardian for this example, simply because the site has some advantages for account holders and registration is already free. Open the Bug Me Not website and enter the domain you want to find an account for.

Since Bug Me Not doesn’t aggregate all of these domains, you may need to check them individually to find an account someone created with the intent to share. Once you find an account to use, you can also view the “success rate” associated with the account. Naturally, some of these accounts may be used in such a way that they need to be banned, so not all of them will work.

Many used accounts will have disposable email addresses like the ones we covered in a recent article. Not all websites will return a result, in which case the following message will be displayed. Once you find an account to use, simply copy the username and password from the website, then rate the account on Bug Me Not. After all, user engagement is the only real way to highlight deactivated accounts.

Final Words: How to Use Disposable Accounts to Access Different Websites

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