Here’s how I find the cheapest gasoline near me


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Apps make it easier than ever to find stations with the cheapest gas.

Key points

  • Apps eliminate the need to walk around looking for the lowest price.
  • The best gas apps direct you to cheap gas, tell you which stations are the cleanest, and help you make meal reservations.

The price of gasoline has indeed fallen, but it remains prohibitive for many, even when they are looking for ways to reduce their consumption. Luckily, we live in a time that allows us to compare gas prices before we leave home. For me, that means hitting the apps. I admit I don’t have a favorite app right now, but there are several to choose from before you go.


Probably the biggest name in cheap gas apps, GasBuddy does more than just help you save money. You tell the app where you are and it helps you find the cheapest gas in the area. The cool thing about GasBuddy is that it’s outsourced. This means that real users declare how much they pay at the pump. And the fact that GasBuddy has over 60 million users means the information tends to be fresh – like fresh out of the oven.

To use GasBuddy, you link it to your current account. Every time you fill up, you get a small rebate per gallon.

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And if you like gas station gossip, you’ll appreciate users rating which gas stations have the cleanest bathrooms, the coolest amenities, and the friendliest staff. Plus, adding your impressions of the stations you visit is pretty fun.

Finally, GasBuddy offers a few other useful features, like a trip cost calculator. Using the calculator gives you a better idea of ​​how much you’ll be spending on the next big road trip, which will help you budget.

gas guru

Another biggie in the business is Gas Guru. Rather than collecting user data, Gas Guru collects prices from the Oil Price Information Service. One thing I like about Gas Guru is that it always includes the date of the last price update. That way I can make an educated guess as to whether it’s still accurate.

With Gas Guru you can save your favorite stations, making it easy to look up the next time you need gas.


Although I was frustrated with Waze’s authoritative voice last weekend (it must have reminded me of a high school teacher I once had or something), I wouldn’t trade the app for anything at all. world. That said, I use it as a GPS to know where I’m going. I usually only use it to find gas stations when I really (really) need to find one.

Still, Waze is becoming very popular with people looking for the cheapest gas. Like GasBuddy, it’s outsourced, so you get the inside scoop from others using the app. Waze also gives you the option to save your favorite stations.


Back when I was a journalist, I used MapQuest to help me get where I needed to go. It was before cell phones or apps, but MapQuest has managed to keep up. Now, instead of printing out directions and laying them next to me in the front seat (in retrospect, a terribly dangerous practice), MapQuest gives me verbal directions, helps me avoid traffic jams, and finds the lowest gas prices nearby. Moreover, the app also helps in making dinner reservations.

MapQuest has come a long way from those “I can’t believe I never crashed” beginnings.

Everyone in my family is married to one app or another. I like to change things. That way when an app comes out with a new feature, I can try it out.

Ultimately, there are several great apps out there to help you find cheap gas. The trick is to figure out which one adds the extra features that you’ll find most useful while helping you save money.


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