Here are the best prank sites: you will burst out laughing!


Once loaded, which is not the fastest website in the world, not only will you be able to access a series of classified jokes, but you will also be able to use a search engine to find a specific theme or keyword, post your own jokes or subscribe. for free to its monthly newsletter to receive lots of jokes in your email.

This website, as its title suggests, offers a variety of jokes according to different categories, from some very generic ones such as short jokes, dirty jokes or Lepe jokes to more specific ones such as dentists, drunks and waiters, ugly jokes, “what does it look like…”, taxi drivers, weddings and/or couples, prisoners, rich or miserly.

Although it appears to have been discontinued since February 2022 and not uploading new content, you still have a huge archive of jokes and graphic humor to brighten your day or your contacts.

This website is another huge vein of jokes, which only grows from time to time thanks to user contributions. There will be no shortage of jokes about couples, professions, technology, ethnicity or culture, children, society and even science jokes here.

Plus, if you’re not sure what kind of joke content you want to see, they have a shuffle tool that lets you see one of their thousands of random jokes every 30 seconds.

Since time is money, you might prefer to go straight to a website that you know has short jokes and won’t take you long to laugh.

The second thing he promises is that his jokes are good, and while that’s a bit more subjective, at least you have a joke rating system that determines if the audience found them “very good.” or “very bad”.

El Rellano is the story of humor in Spanish. Despite the fact that it’s not so much about just jokes, but rather a mixture of graphic humor and memes, it will fulfill the purpose you want to visit these websites for: have a good time and laugh .

bad mood forbidden

It’s a place where you can find all kinds of absurd humor that makes you smile without giving too much away. Here, instead of the textual jokes of the classics, you have all kinds of content in audiovisual format, more adapted to new times and more easily shareable.


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