Fraud Warning – Fraudulent websites are contacting people around the world requesting payment to receive crypto funds


Warning about fraudulent websites

Online fraud and crypto scam with scam websites that promise investigation, asset recovery and payment of non-existent crypto funds.

The greatest responsibility of the fraudster is the certainty that the fraud is too clever to be detected. »

—Louis J. Freeh

ZURICH-CITY, ZURICH ZH, SWITZERLAND, Sept. 13, 2022 / — A number of people from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and EU have asked Officers James Hunt, John Wall, Allan Fisher, David (caller), Stuart (caller), Shaun Blaxley, Russel Thompson, Viktor Schneider, Nick Foss, Bill Foss, with UK driving license etc. work for us, for our Blockchain Investigation Agency™ – Department of Swiss Security Solutions LLC. We had to inform that we do not have these names in our work organization. A number of people have failed this scam and paid from £900.

Fraudsters make initial contact via mobile or email, where they claim to have found crypto funds for their clients. The example email would be: “We are happy to inform you that we have found the wallet under your name “Last, First”, which contains “3.21” BTC, which is equivalent to 73,452 USD at the rate In order for you to claim these funds and get them back to your bank account, you will need to go through verification steps. The process will also require an active and verified crypto wallet under your name, which will be eligible to receive and convert the bitcoin into your desired currency. Our representative will assist you throughout the process, and also help you create a trusted wallet in case you don’t have one.” At first they don’t ask for the money , but later they ask for the money saying they are another company, also mentioning our company name among others.

With today’s press conference and press release, we want to inform the global public in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU that we do not call our customers first and that we don’t write emails first. We will never call or email you to tell you that we have found your crypto wallet and invite you to claim the funds, if we do not have your online form service request or if we do not disagreed and did not sign an agreement with you. For email communication, to prevent online fraud and crypto scams, we use only Swiss Security Solutions LLC corporate domain emails. Our one and only domain has no registered emails and we do not use other domains. For payments we only use a corporate bank account at Zürcher Kantonal Bank alias ZKB and credit card payment services linked to ZKB. Invoices are produced by Swiss Security Solutions LLC. We do not use cryptocurrencies for payment of services, it is our business policy.

About Us: Blockchain Investigative Agency™ is a Swiss security solutions department headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, providing Blockchain investigation services and solutions, incident response, Blockchain forensics, investment fraud response, cryptocurrency investigation services. We have investigated and tracked Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies internationally, and worked on investigations of criminal and civil cases worth over $45 billion. We serve as an expert witness in criminal or civil cases. Each case is backed by a service guarantee of up to 10 million USD/CHF. (Commercial Liability Insurance)

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