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Announces new customer enhancements and launches new website

NEW YORK, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The next-generation platform that has revolutionized the way alternative investment professionals network and connect effectively to raise capital has announced a new name, platform enhancements and a new site. website. Context Summits is now Context365 LLC.

The new name aligns with Context’s mission to focus on client needs and create a robust, multi-functional online community where fund managers and dispatchers can add efficiencies to the investment process with research and due diligence capabilities, and the ability to access and meet 365 days of the year.

Context365 has quickly become the gold standard for alternative investing with algorithmic matchmaking features that intuitively match members of buy and sell communities. Members will continue to leverage expertise in in-person and virtual events, internal investor relations, sales, and contextual family network.

“Throughout the past year, Context has successfully expanded its vision of alternative investing to drive and grow value among allocators and funds in a digital environment, while leveraging in-person events to add the human factor. The name change to Context365 represents the culmination of these efforts,” said Eric NollCEO of Context365.

“Over the past two years, the dispatchers surveyed have invested $48 billion managers we met through Context 365. Our technology platform with enhanced search capabilities has improved the investment process for our member network and has become a proven model that delivers value to all stakeholders,” concluded Noll.

Since its launch in late 2019, Context 365 has become the most comprehensive platform for dispatchers and investors to research, connect and monitor investment opportunities. It is a centralized platform offering statistical information, standardized historical performance data, miscellaneous investments, successful managers and private virtual meeting rooms.

Context365 is dedicated to continuing to add value to clients’ portfolios and contribute to their business objectives in an efficient, strategic and deliberate manner by deploying proprietary technology to connect buyers and sellers for alternative investments.

Context 365 Insights – What are the trends

In the past year, the platform has seen significant growth in the digital asset and crypto space, with the number of funds increasing by more than 400%. Additionally, the Context 365 platform is at the forefront of emerging investment trends in digital assets, as well as trends in ESG, real estate and minority-owned funds.

On Context 365, year-over-year growth in digital asset fund profile engagement soared 350% and ESG jumped 358%.

Platform improvements

Context 365 is repositioned to amplify its SaaS platform and has added various proprietary online features and helpful resources based on customer feedback. The latest version of the software includes updates to help dispatchers and investors navigate IPOs. These include:

Context 365 Mandates – Allows users to easily and discreetly search for investments. It allows fund allocators to review investments and request introductions and the ability to submit mandates anonymously for review. This includes additional filters to help refine searches, focus on niche markets, specific asset management profiles, and enhanced profile pages.

Improved profiles – Offers custom templates to uncover new opportunities for private equity and venture capital firms. Different triggers and data points allow grantees to uncover private equity and venture capital opportunities, and fine-tuned research and microdata provide an accurate match score.

Context 365 live – Provides users with customizable meeting and event options inside the Context 365 platform, such as interactive panel discussions, webinars, lectures, interactive presentations, and live streams. Users can host meetings in the format that best suits their needs.

New website

Discover all the new features along with cutting-edge technology on the newly designed and updated website –

Find information on how Context 365 helps grantees and investors connect and close deals and learn about the Context team and discover resources and new industry content. The website includes blogs on industry trends, thought leadership, live events, as well as content featuring industry pioneers focused on a variety of alternative investing topics.

About Context365 LLC
Context365 merges the best of both worlds – a growing algorithmic matchmaking platform with a superior in-person meeting and conferencing experience – to create a robust, global, multi-functional community where fund managers and dispatchers can meet 365 days a year.

Context 365 is a discovery and connection technology that connects thousands of alternative investment fund allocators and managers. Through its “state-of-the-art” platform, members are equipped to discover and access new opportunities, powered by proprietary matching algorithms and deep networking capabilities.

Additionally, the company connects the alternative investment industry through a combination of signature events and one-on-one meetings paired with technology. Context provides effective and productive in-person networking opportunities.

Members also benefit from investment insights, exclusive industry data and robust thought leadership content published on its newly revamped website

Context 365 grantees include family and multi-family offices, funds of funds, institutional investors including pension plans, endowments, foundations and advisory firms. Context 365’s investment managers include hedge funds, private equity, fixed income, private debt, private credit, and venture capital funds, as well as commodity trading advisers and direct loan managers.

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