Context and Canalys trace the current dynamics of the PC


It has been another week for those who operate in the PC world where analyst numbers have confirmed that market momentum has continued.

Despite component shortages – and even ahead of the busy fourth quarter (Q4) period – there are lingering signs that the hardware market is holding up.

An analysis of laptop revenue in the first weeks of Context’s fourth quarter revealed a decent market performance compared to 2019, driven by hybrid work and mainstream sales. Making comparisons with last year is difficult as it was an exceptional time due to the pandemic.

“Although they have tended to increase in recent weeks, desktop computer sales still remain below the 2019 average, with commercial buyers focusing on laptops, both to support their workforce. hybrid flexible and to ensure they have enough mobile computing options in case a new wave of mandatory lockdowns sweeps across Europe, ”said Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at The context.

Small and medium businesses and large businesses have continued to invest in laptops, but the difference in approach from last year is that the desperation of simply acquiring a device has been replaced by a greater focus on insuring. that the specifications and performance are correct.

The backdrop also drew attention to portable workstation sales, the revenue of which has nearly doubled between the fourth quarter of 2020 and now, one of the factors being demand for technology from the healthcare industry.

Spending also remained high around some of the peripherals that users needed to get the most out of their hardware, and that should continue to be a source of revenue for the chain.

“Demand will remain strong for these as well as headsets, mice and other laptop accessories in the fourth quarter of 2021 and 2022 as the hybrid workplace continues to take shape,” added Pygott.

Earlier this week, Canalys shared details of a 21% increase in the Western European PC market in the third quarter, as customers continued to invest to give themselves options during the lingering uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

“The numbers prove a continued demand for PC devices,” said Trang Pham, Canalys research analyst. “It’s not just about filling back orders anymore, it’s about managing longer-term demand and that’s good news for every supplier operating in the market. However, we are now seeing a marked shift towards commercial as the segment grew 31% versus 11% for the consumer. “

“Going forward, business demand is expected to support growth through 2023. While Western Europe has outstripped most of its peers in operational digitization, especially when it comes to hybrid work, there is a Certainly there is a need for faster, better-specified devices, as companies not only seek to protect themselves from future disruptions, but begin to take a serious look at their ESG goals, ”said Pham.


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