Beware of fake “Thailand Pass” websites, warn officials


PHUKET: The Anti-Fake News Center (AFNC) has issued a warning that is not an official government website and should not be used to apply for a Thailand Pass.

The warning issued by the Anti-Fake News Center. Image: ANFC

Under the warning titled “Beware of bogus ‘Thailand Pass’ websites,” the ANFC explained that the website had claimed that it was a state website for register to travel to Thailand.

The Anti-Fake News Center conducted a fact-check with the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Public Information and found the issues to be “false news,” according to the warning.

Confirmation came from Noppawan Chaiyamun, spokesperson for the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, who explained: “Since the opening of the country, all tourists entering Thailand must register to obtain a certificate of electronic travel (Thailand Pass QR code) in the Pass ”, but the problem encountered is that there is a group of professionals who will register domain names, like, pretending to be a government site.

“The Foreign Ministry therefore warns all tourists to be careful and not to be fooled into entering information on such websites,” Ms. Noppawan said.

“In the event that the website appears to indicate that the registration system informs the Department of Public Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the [registrant’s ] travel to Thailand, [the ANFC] has verified and clarified that the website is a fake website which is not from any government agency or which is in no way connected to the real “Thailand Pass” website which has been opened for registration to travel to Thailand to replace the COE system and which has been activated since November 1, 2021 at 9:00 am, ”the warning reads.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been continuously and closely supported by the Digital Government Development Agency (DEPA) to develop and support the order of system activation. At first, a few accidents were reported. Affected agencies were closely monitored and corrected as well as collecting user issues and concerns to further improve the system. The ‘Thailand Pass’ website will be updated to support the use of cellphones, ”the warning explained.

“Therefore, people are requested not to trust this information and we ask for cooperation not to send or share such information on various social media channels, and for the public to receive information from the Department of information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following or call 02 2035000 ”, indicates the warning.

The public can track and report false information through various channels of the Anti-Fake News Center at the line: @antifakenewscenter Website: and a phone channel to call the GCC 1111 ext. Hotline. 87 24 hours a day

Chamnan Srisawad, chairman of the Tourism Council of Thailand (TAT), also called on people to register through the only official website.

“The opening of the country since November 1 is seen as a good sign and tourists have started to come in. The rest will continue to arrive slowly, building confidence to travel to Thailand,” he said.

Mr. Chamran explained that the aim was to have unique communication channels for the public to create an official “single voice message” so that all tourists know the same information at the same time.

“Ê This misleads tourists, even if the registration to enter Thailand according to the Thailand Pass project must be registered via only, ”he said.

Phuket News notes that since the warning was issued, has updated its homepage to specifically explain that it is not a government website and is unrelated to the Thailand Pass official registration system.

“This is not the official website of the Thailand Pass system,” the website now states.

“For the official site, please enter, he adds.

“This website is designed to provide information about the Thailand Pass system and help tourists understand and better prepare for their visit to Thailand. This is not the official Thailand Pass website and has no affiliation with any government agency. Thailand Pass registration can only be done through the official government website –, ”the website explains.


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