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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) — Scammers are always creating new, similar websites to steal your money or personal information, and the Better Business Bureau has some tips on what to watch out for.

“So a few ways to avoid fake websites is first carefully examine the domain name. One of the ways fake websites trick people is to use a domain name that is extremely close to a real one. company or organization domain For example, BBB impostors, if it’s not BBB dot org it could be maybe be dot net, things like that that look a lot like what is our domain name, which is BBB dot org. Beware of tricky subdomains, such as, when really is really the domain, so make sure you check that stuff out,” Whitney Quick said.

“Be careful with links in the email. Phishing scams are therefore an extremely common scam, where a scammer can send you an email that appears to be from a reputable company and hopes that you will click on it without that you know think twice about emails and even in emails that are from a brand or a company or someone you think you know, if the link doesn’t match the blue text or if it’s a shortened link you can’t tell where it is Don’t click on it If you do you may end up on what is called a similar website where information personal information could be compromised,” Quick said.

“Also check the design quality, poor quality visuals, weird layouts and poor web design can all be warning signs of a fake website. Pay attention to contact information and store policies. A legitimate online store should provide you with a physical address and a working phone number in a contact section. If these elements are missing, it is better to take your business elsewhere,” she said.

“Do a search for reviews and potential scams. We’ve talked a lot about this before with online shopping. If you ever have a question about a website, it’s very helpful to go to to check it out if you can’t find it. Go ahead and google it and follow up with reviews or stands. So if there are any bad reviews or scams that should show up pretty quickly in your internet search, try that as well a fake website checker. So Google has a safe browsing tool. This can also help you decide whether the website is safe to visit or not. And then, for more information about this, you can visit us at,” she said.

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