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SOUTH CURVE – BBB serving northern Indiana has issued a consumer warning about possible fraudulent websites allegedly based in northern Indiana.

BTOXFI, MilaniCarter and KBKSRE have all been investigated by the BBB after several consumer reports of unfulfilled orders. Consumers also reported not being able to reach customer service for these websites.

The websites all have residential addresses in northern Indiana, but complaints have been received from across the country. At present, the BBB cannot verify the legitimacy of these companies, as attempts to contact the companies have failed.

Below are tips to avoid fake websites:

  • Pay attention to contact information and shop policies. Legit online stores should provide you with a physical address and working phone number in the contact section. If these elements are missing, it is better to take your business elsewhere.
  • Do a search for reviews and potential scams. If you still can’t tell if a website is real or fake, try typing the website name and the word “scam” or “review” into your web browser. If other people have fallen victim to a fake site, you are likely to find reports when you search for scams.
  • Look carefully at the domain name. One of the ways fake websites trick people is to use a domain name that is extremely similar to the domain name of a real business or organization. Upon closer examination, you may notice that two letters are swapped or slightly misspelled.
  • Beware of tricky subdomains. Sometimes attackers hope you will mistake a subdomain for their website’s real domain name. For example, a scammer can use the domain name hoping you won’t notice that the real domain name is actually
  • Be careful with links in emails. Phishing scams are extremely common. A scammer may send you an email that appears to be from a reputable company hoping that you will click on the links without hesitation. Always hover over links in unsolicited emails and even in emails from a brand, company or person you think you know.
  • If you spot a scam, whether or not you lost money, report it to BBB’s Scam Tracker at and the FTC at Your story can help other consumers avoid similar scams.

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