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Twitter Inc says it will partner with The Associated Press and Reuters to deliver credible information faster on the social networking site as part of an effort to combat the spread of misinformation. Like other social media companies, the US company has come under pressure to remove misleading or false information from its site. Earlier this year, Twitter launched a program called Birdwatch, asking its users to help identify and verify misleading tweets. Twitter said it will work with newswires at news events to add specific context, which may appear in various places on Twitter, as a tag attached to tweets about the event or as “Moment.” , which curates information about hot topics on Twitter. “Rather than waiting for something to go viral, Twitter will contextualize developing discourse at the pace or in anticipation of public conversation,” Twitter said. The partnerships mark the first time Twitter will officially work with news agencies to deliver accurate information on its site, a Twitter spokesperson said. The spokesperson added that Twitter will work separately with the AP and Reuters and the news wires will not interact with each other. “Trust, accuracy and fairness are at the heart of what Reuters does every day…these values ​​also drive our commitment to stopping the spread of misinformation,” said Hazel Baker, global head of data collection. ‘UGC (user-generated content) information at Reuters,’ said in a statement. Tom Januszewski, vice president of global business development at AP, said, “We’re especially excited to leverage AP’s scale and speed to add context to online conversations, which can benefit from a easy access to facts.” with AP Australian Associated Press



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