63 pirated sites “downloaded” by the OPI Piracy Committee ATHENS 9.84

63 pirated websites have been “downloaded” by the Intellectual Property Organization’s Piracy Committee with the new rapid rights protection procedure for live events from national or international television.
Within 15 working days, as provided for in the new procedure defined by Article 66E of Law 2121/1993, they were examined by the Commission for the Notification of Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights and Neighboring Rights on the Internet ( EDPPI) of the Intellectual Property Organization (OPI).
More precisely, thanks to two legislative interventions initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports which took place during the last year (article 68 of law 4761/2020 and article 48 of law 4821/2021) a framework A pioneering special institution was created, so that the EDPPI can act immediately to protect the owners of copyright and neighboring rights in the event of imminent infringement.
According to the decisions bearing numbers 27 and 28 / 20.10.2021 of the EDPPI, internet service providers were ordered to stop within 6 to 12 hours from the notification of the decisions and until the end. December 2021, access to 63 domain names.
The decisions further extended the interruption of access to illegal transmission beyond these 63 specific domain names to any other domain name to which illegal transmission can be transferred after the issuance of the decisions. This ensures the efficiency of the process and prevents circumvention of decisions.

The full text of the decisions, published on October 27, 2021, is available at the following links: https://opi.gr/images/epitropi/apofaseis/edppi_27_2021.pdf https://opi.gr/images/epitropi/ apofaseis / edppi_28_2021.pdf

Culture and Sports Minister Lina Mendoni said:
The regulations adopted have broadened the legal “arsenal” of the Commission for the Notification of Infringements of Intellectual Property and Neighboring Rights on the Internet (EDPPI), whose operation is assisted by the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO). This institutional framework decisively and pioneering the continuous effort deployed by our country for an effective confrontation of the phenomenon of cyber-piracy, which, in addition to copyright infringement, causes direct financial damage to the Greek state.
The first main objective of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is to effectively protect the holders of protected copyright or neighboring rights in national or international television events, in particular live broadcasts of cultural or sporting events to be broadcast. simultaneously. are targeted online through specific unique resource locators (URLs), in cases where immediate action is required to prevent the infringement, as evidenced by recent EDPPI decisions.
The most effective way to fight against “piracy” on the Internet remains a big political bet for the Ministry of Culture and Sports. That is why we are ready to take all necessary institutional or other initiatives, in order to achieve the objective which is the best possible protection of copyright and neighboring rights of beneficiaries at a time of rapid technological development ”.
The Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, in charge of contemporary culture, Nikolas Giatromanolakis said:
“The establishment and implementation of the new live blocking process ranks Greece among the countries with the most advanced, fastest and most revolutionary institutional framework to combat live broadcast piracy, which violates the rights protected and deprives the Greek public of millions of euros in revenue. This result was not achieved: intense cooperation was necessary between the Ministries of Culture and Sports and of Digital Governance for the formation of the institutional framework and hard work by the EDPPI and the supervisory body of the Ministry of Culture, OPI, which with its human resources, human resources and the administration are fully committed to the fight against Internet piracy and have successfully responded to the extremely fast and legally and technically demanding procedures defined in the new framework . This development is only the beginning of a great effort for a global confrontation and a fight against piracy on the Internet, an effort which goes through the Recovery Fund with projects worth around 2 million euros. which have already been approved and will be implemented in cooperation with OPI. “.

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