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A SSL certificate is important for all websites, not just those who sell products. If you have a website, you need an SSL certificate for your website. Having an SSL certificate is a necessity, not a luxury.

An SSL certificate has the following advantages, among others:

  • Protect sensitive information
  • Improves customer confidence and affirms corporate identity
  • Better ranking in search engines
  • SSL helps you meet PCI/DSS requirements.

SSL protects sensitive information

Information sent over the Internet is transmitted from computer to computer for transmission to the destination server. If the information is not encrypted, however, any computer between yours and the server can see and read all of the information, including usernames, passwords, credit card or certain security information. sensitive contact. With an SSL certificate, your information is encrypted and cannot be read until it reaches the server for which it is intended.

Improves customer confidence and affirms corporate identity

When you encrypt your information, it remains secure while it is transmitted to the server. With an SSL certificate in place, tech-savvy users can view certificate information to ensure that the business information listed on the certificate matches that of the website, confirming trust.

Another main task of a SSL certificate is to authenticate the legal status of a website. When an SSL certificate is ordered for your website, certain verification processes are used to verify that the domain belongs to your company. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer even more verification.


If you use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox often, you’ll notice a big red “Not Secure” message in the browser’s address bar if you go to an unsecured webpage. If the website contains a form that requires information, the information you submit will not be sent securely to the server.

Better ranking in search engines

One of the ranking factors used by Google for ranking websites is HTTPS (websites secured with an SSL certificate), which means that by not having an SSL certificate, and therefore by not having secure HTTPS pages, you negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Google has confirmed that a website secured with an SSL certificate will have an advantage over other websites that are not as secure and encrypted – provided other search engine optimization (SEO) factors remain the same .

SSL certificate types

All SSL certificates are generally implemented to increase the security of web pages where end users are expected or required to submit information of a highly confidential nature. For example, they may consist of account login pages (which require the users username and password), payment forms (which typically involve submitting credit card details from the user) and security services such as online e-mail (which requires complete confidentiality) or Internet banking. But SSL certificates are not limited to sensitive pages and can be applied to integrate security across an entire website.

The main types of SSLs the certificates are:

  • Validated certificates by domain
  • Extended Validation Certificates
  • Multi-domain SSL certificate
  • Organization validated certificates
  • Single domain certificates
  • Unified Communications Certificate
  • Generic SSL certificate

Does it affect speed?

Using SSL certificates never slows down your website. The visitor will hardly feel the difference it can make. So it is always better to use an SSL certificate for your website, which will give your visitors extra security and in turn, they will trust your site more and probably spend more time on your web pages. Google also increases search engine rankings for runners with an SSL instrument.


After learning about the types and benefits of having an SSL certificate installed on your website, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to take any chances. Secure your website the right way by ordering your SSL certificate here.

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