177,453 websites were hosted on the .ng domain in December 2021 – NiRA


The Nigeria Internet Regulatory Association (NiRA) revealed that as of December 2021, a total of 177,453 websites were hosted on the .ng domain name.

5,207 of this figure is the number of newly registered websites in December 2021, which shows a drop in the number from the 5,973 registered in November 2021.

The table of .ng domains that was uploaded to the association’s website means that the grand total includes the number of new registrations, the number of renewed subscriptions and the number of restored websites.

What the report shows

  • As of December 2021, the number of websites registered on the .ng domain stood at 5,207 while 3,777 sites renewed their subscription and 96 websites were restored.
  • This figure shows a decrease from the figure recorded in November 2021 which stood at 5,973 for new registration, 4,489 renewals and 141 sites restored, giving a grand total of 181,532.
  • The grand total for December 2021 showed there was an increase from the December 2020 figure of 176,721.

What you should know

NiRA is the Internet .ng domain name registry and maintains the database of names registered in the .ng country code top level domain.

As stated on their website, NiRA is a non-profit, non-governmental, self-regulatory body established by order of the Internet Community President to manage the Nigeria country code top-level domain.


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